Pros and cons of Medicinal Marijuana as a medicinal component

Think marijuana, and you connive images of hippies taking marijuana at leisure and drifting into their own world! We often tend to think of recreational marijuana, which is quite controversial even today. Medical marijuana however, is often deemed as useful. Sadly, only 6% of the studies have been analyzing medicinal properties of marijuana.

Pros of Medicinal Marijuana

Let’s look at the benefits of pot, for a start, before looking for medical marijuana delivery! Here’s a brief lowdown on some of them:

Treat Glaucoma: The much-prevalent glaucoma can be prevented and treated using medicinal marijuana, which decreases pressure in the eyeball and slowed the progression of the disease, thereby preventing blindness.

Control and Prevent Seizures: Medicinal marijuana can decrease seizures due to epilepsy and Dravet’s syndrome. This has been proven by a number of studies.

Prevents Cancer from Spreading: Who would have thought that cancer could be prevented from spreading by using medical marijuana! According to studies, compounds in cannabis could even kill cancer cells!

Pain Relief from Multiple Sclerosis: A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal has suggested that medical marijuana could be used to relieve the painful muscle contractions caused by multiple sclerosis. It could also reduce other muscle spasms.

Increases treatment efficacy for Hepatitis C: Medicinal marijuana has been known to increase treatment effectiveness of hepatitis C by reducing the side-effects caused by the treatment. A number of people are unable to finish the treatment course due to these side-effects, which can now be easily tackled.

Weed delivery is becoming increasingly common these days, as the use of medicinal marijuana has started being extended to treating inflammatory bowel diseases, arthritis discomfort, lupus, Chron’s diseases and for boosting your metabolism. Pushing aside all stoner stereotypes, marijuana is also known to spur brain creativity!

Cons of Medicinal Marijuana

As the debate regarding the efficacy of medicinal marijuana goes on, there have been some cons of medicinal marijuana as well. Some of these have been discussed below:

Negative Impact on Immunity: While a large number of physicians recommend medicinal marijuana for treating AIDS, there are some who believe that marijuana could possibly have negative effects on immunity as well.

Memory Problems: Researchers believe that prolonged use of marijuana could have hazardous effects on your memory. It could also negatively effect on your cognitive abilities.

Risks of addiction and abuse

Marijuana is indeed addictive! Hence, a large number of studies have indicated that marijuana could contain a high risk of addiction and abuse.

There have been varying levels of frequencies in cannabis delivery, which have been hugely accredited to this endless debate on ‘Is marijuana a harmful drug or a beneficial medicine’, which has been going on continuously. A number of legislations legalizing medicinal marijuana have been on a constant upswing. A growing number of states have legalized medicinal marijuana, and some of them have even gone on to legalize recreational marijuana.


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